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Monday, January 01, 2007

Ted Poor: A quick note of eating half a grapefruit

I live in the northern hemisphere and therefor when I eat half a grapefruit, I eat it in a clockwise direction. My suggestion is after loosening each segment with a sharp knife, choose your favorite segment (largest or most enticing) and begin eating one segment to the left of your prized segment (readers in the souther hemisphere should begin to the right of their segment and eat in a counter-clockwise direction). This technique will leave you with the most cherished segment for last. Common knowledge? For some, yes; but vital, all the same.


Blogger Brooklyn Jazz Underground said...

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2:38 PM  
Blogger Brooklyn Jazz Underground said...

Dan Pratt: Does the same thing apply to lefties? I'm a lefty, and I've noticed that I eat mine counter-clockwise.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Brooklyn Jazz Underground said...

Alexis Cuadrado:

11:39 PM  
Blogger Brooklyn Jazz Underground said...

Anne Mette:
I think Ted is missing an important "topping" when eating his grapefruits, and I will encourage all of you to try my version when eating your next grapefruit.
In order to satisfy your taste-onions (as they are called in my native language) one must
eat a grapefruit with the right balance of sweet and sour. Therefore one must spread a thin layer of sugar on each half of the grapefruit after cutting it.
BUT the most refined taste require the best sugar, so if you want to reach the higest level of grapefruit-eating you must use organic granulated raw sugar! In addition you achive a more crunchy sensation in your mouth and between your teeth.
Go try it!!

10:50 PM  

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