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Friday, December 29, 2006

Jerome Sabbagh: music I have been listening to

I thought I'd let people know about some of the music I have been listening to lately:

-Brahms: First Symphony, Karajan, Berlin, 1963 (Deutsche Grammophon): Apparently, Karajan recorded this at least 4 times. This particular recording sounds absolutely amazing to me and the piece is great.

-Ray Charles and Betty Carter: The whole album is fantastic but the first song, "Everytime We Say Goodbye" always sends shivers down my spine.

-Miles Davis: Live in Stockholm 1960: This is with Coltrane, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb. It's recorded during the last tour that Coltrane did with Miles. His playing, in particular, is unbelievable and clearly goes over the head of some listeners at the time. It's during that same tour that he gets booed at Salle Pleyel in Paris during "Bye Bye Blackbird". I especially like Trane on " On Green Dolphin Street" (the way he alludes to his composition "Like Sonny" for a whole chorus before launching into sheets of sound). But throughout the recording, the whole band sounds exceptional. The rhythm section plays some of the most swinging music I have ever heard.

That's it for now. More soon from myself or other BJU members.


Blogger Brooklyn Jazz Underground said...

Hey Alexis Cuadrado here

This is interesting. I love that Stokholm concert but haven't heard it in ages. Used to have a tape of it back in Spain. I was checking out a lot of the Plugged Nickel sessions while on the road this fall, and absolutlely love it... it's funny how Miles always reappears in our music life cosistently.

I've been also checking out an amazing CD by Edgar Meyer and Béla Fleck called "Music For Two". I was so into a piece that Meyer wrote called "Canon" that I had to transcribe it.

I also went back to a Metheny-Scofield phase. Last year an airline lost my luggage with 150 Cds or so on it and I had all those 80's Cds in there. I was bringing them back from Barcelona and they had been stored in a box for years... I had to get them again and recheck them out. It was interesting to hear them 15 years after... Some of Sco's writhing of that period really hits me.

I also fell in love with a piece by Arvo Part called Fratres and performed by 12 cellists of the Berlin Philarmonic. It's some of the most beautiful music I ever heard.

During a recent trip to Italy I got completely addicted to watching episodes of the first season of the TV show "24" on my Ipod. As great as that show is, I keep thinking how much the music sucked... No vibe at all, just the expected tense clusters and stuff like that. Totally unrelated themes... Where's the good taste of shows like "the Sopranos" which use music so intelligently?

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