Brooklyn Jazz Underground

The Brooklyn Jazz Underground, a newly formed collective, is an association of independent bandleaders with a shared commitment to improvised music. Through cooperative effort, members of the BJU strive to create greater awareness of their work.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Being a member of the BJU

Hi there, I'm Alexis Cuadrado, one of the members of the BJU.
After one of our regular meetings today we came to the realization that we've been working on this project for almost a year.
It's been a pretty big effort for us to get all this together, but I really believe that working as a group we'll help each other as bandleaders and not only we can also raise much greater awareness of our own work (as our mission statement states) but also of jazz and improvised music in general. It strikes me how many interesting concerts one can see in Brooklyn nowadays...bands with a serious creative energy are emerging nonstop, and everytime I go out there and check some stuff out I get a bi more shocked thinking of how hard it is to make a living an survive here but how people channel all this effort into their creative musical enterprises... Brooklyn is a vibrant place right now, and the BJU is just the "tip of the iceberg"... so I hope we'll open some doors for all of you out there.
Not much more to report for now, just make sure of checking our BJU website, all of our individual sites, our myspaces, mp3s... Well we're hooking you up with a lot of entertainment. Feel free to contact us, respond to our blogs, communicate... and make sure to come back frequently as there are 10 of us putting stuff out there.



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