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The Brooklyn Jazz Underground, a newly formed collective, is an association of independent bandleaders with a shared commitment to improvised music. Through cooperative effort, members of the BJU strive to create greater awareness of their work.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Alexis Cuadrado- New Film Soundtrack

Alexis Cuadrado has just finished his first movie score. The film is a short entitled "Terapia" by Juanjo Martinez, a young up and coming director from Spain that resides in NYC.
Alexis composed, engineered and produced the whole piece at his home studio in Brooklyn. The musicians that participated are:

Víctor Prieto - Accordion
John Ellis - Bass Clarinet
Tanya Kalmanovitch - Violins and Viola
Jody Redhage - Cello
Daniel García - Guitar
Alexis Cuadrado - Double Bass, Keyboards, Drums

You can download a free MP3 and check out this music in the following link:


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