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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Living in Red Hook

I moved to Red Hook this past summer and I love it.
Having lived in some of the busiest parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn for 8 years, I had considered moving outside of New York, as I was longing to live in a calmer and more spacious place. But instead I moved to Red Hook, and now I almost feel like I live in a small village in the middle of New York, - and it's great.
Like a friend said: If you want to move to Europe but don't want to leave New York; move to Red Hook. There's some truth to that. Down here there's a sense of community, stronger than your usual neighborhood-feeling. Down here the tempo is slower, if and when you want it to be slower, and down here we are close to the water, the air is fresher and there is a lot of sky to look at. Often times I go to the park, a couple of blocks away, to see the sunset.
There are also more practical advantages.
Parking is as easy as you can get it without owning a garage or a paid parking-spot. You can bike around easily for your daily needs, and of course we have Fairway which is just down the street. At the moment I even enjoy taking the bus to get to the subway. It is a short ride on the buses and it somehow helps putting a distance between the stressful and too busy vibe that people in New York can have and express.
So....that's all. Come down and visit. In the summer season especially there are great things happening. And we do have a couple of great restaurants, cafe's and a fantastic wine store. And then there are the ball fields.....that's for another time/another blog!
Anne Mette


Blogger Tobster said...

Funny that you should say that living in Red Hook is like living in Europe. I am a New Yorker who has lived in Berlin, Germany, for 10 years. I'm thinking of returning, and R.H. is an option. I'd love to know how safe it feels, e.g. for a woman riding a bike at night, or to and from the subway... and is there JAZZ?!

6:34 PM  
Blogger Brooklyn Jazz Underground said...

Jazz in Red Hook is still to come. There's a bunch of musicians and there are other types of live music, but we do need a real Jazz Club. That would be the s...! - and I actually think it would make good business down here also, as parking is easy and there are a some really nice restaurants and cafe's too. People drive from Manhattan to get to them.
Most areas in Red Hook feel safe to me. Haven't been biking at night, but I will. Just got a bike. And the bus seems no problem. So....come on over...

8:43 PM  

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